SPAMERICAN Tour Serves Up Gratitude Across America

Operation Gratitude SPAMERICAN Tour

Have you heard about the SPAMERICAN!™ Tour? Our friends at SPAM® Brand have partnered with Operation Gratitude as their awesome food truck travels cross-country thanking SPAM® fans and honoring those who so bravely serve our country!

While local chefs serve up mouth-watering curations of trendy (and delicious!) SPAM® dishes, each of the 16 tour stops also doubles as an Operation Gratitude letter-writing station – complete with postcards and a specially made “mailbox”!

SPAM Operation Gratitude Stagecoach 2016

Crowds at events like the Tribeca Family Festival, Stagecoach Music Festival and Bayou Boogaloo Cajun Festival lined up to taste product samples, grab cool SPAM® gear like custom printed t-shirts, and write lots of cards to deployed U.S. Service Members, Wounded Heroes, and Veterans!

SPAM® fans across the country are invited to be a part of the letter writing campaign by submitting notes of gratitude online at

Colonel Rich Anderson made special visits to several stops on the SPAMERICAN tour.

Colonel Rich Anderson made special visits to several stops on the SPAMERICAN tour.

We were honored to have Colonel Rich Anderson, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.), show his support when he visited the Naval Station Norfolk stop of the SPAMERICAN!™ tour. Colonel Anderson attended several locations on the tour, and said scores of “fine people wrote letters to our Armed Forces, First Responders and Gold Star families.”

Thank you, Colonel Anderson and family, Operation Gratitude Ambassadors, and all the Hormel employees and volunteers for encouraging people to write letters at each stop! None of this would have been possible without all your hard work and support.

Military Mom and Operation Gratitude Ambassador, Diana Baird, welcomed attendees at the Wildflower Art Festival in Richardson, TX to write letters and taste gourmet SPAM dishes.

Military Mom and Operation Gratitude Ambassador, Diana Baird, welcomed attendees at the Wildflower Art Festival in Richardson, TX to write letters and taste gourmet SPAM dishes.

Not only will those heartfelt notes of gratitude make their way into Operation Gratitude care packages, every letter submitted online at and along the tour counts towards a generous pledge by SPAM® Brand to donate $1 per letter. They have already donated an incredible $50,000 towards our goal of sending the 2 Millionth Care Package in 2018.

We don’t want to forget to send a big “thank you” to Sunny Anderson, Food Network Host and U.S. Air Force veteran, for kicking off the tour in New York City back in April, and for showing her support for the Operation Gratitude cause.

Sunny served up her Southern-inspired Operation SPAM® Gravy with Biscuits recipe to the people of New York City.

Sunny served up her Southern-inspired Operation SPAM® Gravy with Biscuits recipe to the people of New York City.

The SPAMERICAN!™ Tour has four stops remaining and will culminate in Minneapolis, MN on August 8th …so, there’s still time to catch the SPAM® truck in action and write your own letters!

You can visit for the complete tour schedule.

You can find Sunny’s and all the other tour recipes here!

We want to extend our deepest gratitude towards SPAM® Brand, Hormel Foods Corporation, and the countless volunteers and letter writers across the country! Y’all are amazing!!!

And, don’t forget….letters are still being accepted online at

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4 Summer Activities to Support Our Nation’s Heroes

Summer Activities Operation Gratitude

The warm weather of summer signals time for fun, family and Fourth of July festivities. With kids on a break from school, and vacation and wedding season in full swing, this is a great time to get the whole family involved in activities that say “Thank You” to our Military, Veterans and First Responders.

1) Postcards of Gratitude
Going on vacation? Pick up a few postcards from your favorite destinations to write a short note of thanks to our nation’s heroes.

Bundle them up (a regular or manila envelope will do) and send them to us when you get back! We’ll be sure to put them into care packages on your behalf.

We accept drawings, letters, notes, and postcards at our new address:
Operation Gratitude
21100 Lassen Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

2) Block Party With a Purpose
Does your neighborhood host block parties throughout the summer or for the 4th of July celebration?

It’s easy to turn your festivities into a way to say “Thank You” to our nation’s heroes by incorporating a simple Collection Drive into the fun. We even have a printable flyer ready to pass around to friends and family! Then, just designate a drop-off location at your event for people to place their items.

When you’re ready to send the items to us, fill out a donor form and mail them to:
Operation Gratitude
21100 Lassen Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Additional donation and shipping information is available, if needed.

Or, you can drop off items at The FOB if you live in the Los Angeles area.

3) Lemonade Stand: Sweet Support for Our Heroes
Grab the kids and their friends for a good ole’ fashioned lemonade stand to help neighbors quench their thirst and beat the heat. Just place a mason jar or decorated container out to collect donations and extra change on behalf of Operation Gratitude’s “Cents for Service” drive. Loose change adds up quickly and helps cover the cost of sending the care packages!

With the help of an adult, kids can cash in the change at their local bank and have a parent mail a check made payable to OPERATION GRATITUDE or you can make the donation online.

Mail financial donations to:
Operation Gratitude
P.O. Box 260257
Encino, CA 91426-0257

4) An Alternative to Anniversary Presents, Wedding Favors & Wedding Gifts
The traditional “wedding season” may be in full swing, but your anniversary gifts, wedding favors and wedding gift ideas can be anything but traditional.

Can’t decide on the perfect gift?

Sponsor an Operation Gratitude care package (or several) “In Honor Of” the happy couple or each member of your wedding party. Their names will be included in the care packages, and they’ll receive a letter notifying them of your gift.

Donations can be made online or sent by mail to:
Operation Gratitude
PO Box 260257
Encino, CA 91426-0257

If you live in Southern California, your entire bridal party is always welcome to join us at an Assembly Day before your Big Day!

Or, you could host a Collection Drive at your bridal shower – regardless of where you’re celebrating.

We would love to hear about your summer support efforts! Feel free to email your stories or questions to

Remember to take pictures…we’d love to see your hard work in action and share it with care package recipients! You can tag us on social media — @OpGratitude for Twitter and Instagram, @OperationGratitude on Facebook, or use the hashtag #OperationGratitude

Thank you!

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Knit & Crochet This Summer to Keep Deployed Troops Warm This Winter!

Scarves for TroopsDo you love to knit or crochet? Have you been looking for a project to use up your piles of leftover yarn? Do you want to help thank and support deployed U.S. Service Members?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Below are links to ALL the information you’ll need to participate in Operation Gratitude’s “Handmade with Love” Program where volunteers all across the country lovingly make and donate scarves and hats for our care packages.

Scarves & Hats for Troops

“Handmade with Love” FAQsHandmade with Love Hat

Suggested “Handmade with Love” Patterns

Made with Love Flyer — print and share!

Shipping & Donation Information

We know the gifts you make will be treasured by the Service Members who receive them!

Please send us an email if you have any questions about our “Handmade with Love” programs:

For all other Operation Gratitude-related questions, please contact us at

Thank you!


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Operation Gratitude on ABC’s “The Chew”

Did you catch “The Chew” on ABC when the work of Operation Gratitude was featured recently? Even if you did see it, we think you’ll agree that it’s worth watching again! If you missed it, we highly recommend that you take a few minutes to see how they told our story.

Watch this YouTube video of our segment — look for some familiar faces!

We are very grateful to “The Chew” for helping us get the word out about our cause.

If your loved one is a deployed U.S. Service Member, we hope you will request an Operation Gratitude care package today:

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please let us know by sending an email to

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What a Care Package Means to Someone Far From Home…

Sometimes when you write letters for Operation Gratitude care packages, you will hear back from one or more of the recipients. That was the case for volunteer and supporter, Sara S., who recently shared this with us:

“I met R. via Operation Gratitude while he was serving in the Navy in Afghanistan in September 2014. We still email regularly. He is home now and is proud to serve as an officer for the NYPD.”

R. with his father at his NYPD Academy graduation.

R. with his father at his NYPD Academy graduation.

Sara wanted us to know what R. told her about receiving care packages and what it means to those who are deployed. With his permission, and in his own words, here is what he wrote:

“Every box, every piece of paper, every book, every pen, every pencil, every notebook, every brush, every tooth paste, every shower gel, every puzzle, every magazine, every letter, every candy…… means a lot to us when we are away from home. It gives us Hope, Confidence, Happiness, Strength & Pride that somebody thinks about us, someone is there for us. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You all. God Bless America. R.P.”

Would you like to write letters for our care packages? Here is helpful information:

Every donation of $15 helps pay the costs to ship another Operation Gratitude care package. Please consider making a donation today:

If your loved one is deployed, we hope you will request a care package:

Questions? Let us know! Send an email to:

Thank you for your support!

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A Delicious Way to Make a Difference

We are grateful to once again be among the more than 180 charities supported nationwide by Jersey Mike’s Subs during its 6th Annual Month of Giving, which is off to a great start!

Month of Giving 2016In 2015, our partnership with 91 local Jersey Mike’s stores helped us send over 26,000 care packages. This year we will receive financial donations, handwritten letters and community support from 104 Jersey Mike’s in Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo and Fresno Counties!

On the Day of GivingWednesday, Day of Giving 2016March 30 — 100% of sales from those stores will be donated to our charity!

That’s every penny from every sale!

Here is a link to all the stores that support Operation Gratitude:

We’d love to see your Jersey Mike’s photos during the Month of Giving! Please email them to and we’ll share them on one or more of our social media pages. (Or if you post them on social media yourself, please use the #OperationGratitude and #JerseyMikesGives hashtags so we can find them!)

No matter where you live, you can help a worthy cause when you make a donation at your local Jersey Mike’s this month. ALL the charities and links to the participating stores are here:

Questions? Please let us know by sending an email to

THANK YOU for your support! And a million thanks to Jersey Mike’s for making a difference for so many great charities!


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“Every penny counts…”

This is a special guest blog post from our friends Mercera and Madeleine, “two fifth graders who wanted to make a difference,” and chose to support Operation Gratitude! We are so very honored and grateful!

Here’s what they did and how they did it:

One afternoon, we were talking to a good friend of ours about her son who is in the Marine Corps. She was telling us how he had been away for a whole year serving in Japan! She was"Cents for Soldiers" so excited that he was finally coming home for the holidays. She said that some Marines couldn’t fly home due to the expense and really missed home. We really wanted to do something to help and an idea was born! Cents for Soldiers!

First, we started planning! Our parents helped us find a great cause to donate to – Operation Gratitude! They provide care packages and letters for service members, veterans and first responders. Perfect! We also decided it would be good to involve the school. We talked to a great teacher to get some advice.

Next, we made a poster and presented our idea to our principal. He approved of our ideas and helped us take the next steps. The school secretary made a great flyer (at left) that went home "Cents for Soldiers" Flyerto all of the students asking them to bring any spare change they could to donate to help the soldiers. The class that raised the most money would get 20 extra minutes of recess – supervised by the principal.

We also asked the kids in the school to write cards and letters to send to the soldiers. We used decorated shoe boxes and delivered them to each class to collect the money. Every day we made an announcement over the loud speaker at school reminding kids to bring in their change and letters! A few days into the collection, we updated everyone on which class was in the lead. There were A LOT of coins to count! We got some friends to help!

After about 10 days, the collection was over. We had so many coins; it had to have been at least 20 pounds!!! We would probably still have been counting them now, but we decided to take them to the coin counter at the bank! Phew! When a bank customer saw what we were"Cents for Soldiers" Fundraiser doing, she even gave us $5 on the spot!

In the end, we and our school raised $1,844.81 and wrote close to 30 letters! This was enough for 123 care packages for soldiers! We were surprised and so happy and proud!

Here are our tips for other kids to help make a difference in their own community:

  • Plan ahead. Write your plans down. Get help from a trusted adult, friend or friends!
  • Stay organized. We kept careful notes and checked them often.
  • Get your school or community involved. (Don’t forget to ask permission.) You will be amazed how many people care.
  • Contact the organization you want to donate to and let them know what you’re doing.
  • Work hard, be patient, and don’t let any problems stop you!
  • Every penny counts! Even small amounts can make a difference.
  • Just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean you can’t do it! If we can do it, so can you, too!
           – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

"Cents for Service"!Thank you, Mercera and Madeleine, for all your hard work and generosity to support our cause! Your work will continue to have an impact because you’ve inspired us to begin a new Operation Gratitude program called “Cents for Service” so others may follow your wonderful example.

Have ideas about ways in which you’d like to support Operation Gratitude? Please contact us by email at:

Thank you!

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