A New Year…and a New Home!

From all of us at Operation Gratitude, we want to wish everyone a very happy new year! As always, our thoughts and thanks today are with the troops, veterans, first responders and military families, who have made daily sacrifices in service to our country. We are deeply grateful.

We are also pleased and excited to share the news that we’ve moved into our new home!

Our 2016 Volunteer Schedule has been posted and you can find it along with important volunteer instructions here. We hope you will join us at FOB Operation Gratitude as often as you’re able!

Of course, no matter where you live, there are many different ways you can support our cause: Help Make More Smiles!

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or ideas by sending an email to Info@OperationGratitude.comWe would love to hear from you!

Be sure to check out our social media sites, too: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

Thank you for your support! Here’s to a wonderful 2016!

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A Simple Text Can Help Send More Care Packages!

We know care packages = SMILES, and we just love seeing smiles like these! Don’t you? Our troops work hard all year long, and during the holiday season it must be more difficult than ever to be away from loved ones and the comforts of home.

Operation Gratitude Care Packages = SMILES!
Want to help raise funds for our cause? Please text the word “HOME” to 89800 and for every valid text* received by December 31, Sutter Home Wines will donate five dollars to Operation Gratitude, up to $20,000!

It’s so simple! Once you send the text, you’ll receive a message that will look something like this:Send a Text to Support our Troops!

Please help us spread the word about this promotion.

Thank you very much for your help and support!

*Limit one text per phone.

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Join Peet’s Coffee in Thanking Troops & Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, our friends at Peet’s Coffee & Tea want to show their gratitude!

Now through November 17 stop by your local Peet’s to purchase and donate a 1 lb. bag of Major Dickason’s Blend. The coffee will be donated to Operation Gratitude for our care packages and Peet’s will match that with an additional $5 donation (up to $35,000!) to help fill and send MORE care packages! We are very grateful for Peet’s generous support!Peets

Active-duty U.S. Service Members and Veterans receive free small coffee or tea on 11/11.

Last, but certainly not least, you can join Operation Gratitude and Peet’s in thanking and celebrating those who have served. Write a letter and it will be sent in an Operation Gratitude care package: bit.ly/PeetsOperationGratitude

Find a Peet’s café near you: http://www.peets.com/store-locator

As always, THANK YOU for your support!

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You’re a Life-Saver!

Life SaverIn 2012, Operation Gratitude included the very first paracord “survival” bracelets in care packages to First Responders. The response was overwhelmingly positive so we decided to send them in every care package we could!

We asked you, our volunteers, to make thousands of paracord bracelets. As always, you farBracelet Volunteer exceeded expectations! To date, you have made more than 200,000 bracelets that have been sent to Deployed Troops, New Recruits, and First Responders!

Now we have a new challenge for you. Read on….

Why Paracord Bracelets?

A paracord bracelet can be worn as a cool-looking accessory, or used as a handy tool in a variety of situations. It can even save lives! One bracelet can be turned into a sling or splint, be pulled apart and used as sutures to close a wound, or act as a harness to remove an injured person from a bad location.

Click here to read about the many critical uses of our paracord bracelets.

One Sailor recently wrote to us:

“I have used three of your bracelets so far. The first one I gave away to a 10-year-old patient who saw it on my bag (where I kept it in plain site for anyone to use) and he put it on as just a bracelet from an ‘American’! The next time I needed one was when a stray dog entered our site and we were going to use it as a leash to get him out, but he left on his own. The second and third time I actually used the bracelets was to extend a ladder, you know one of those ladders with the pulley on it to extend it about twice its height, so our guys could put a satellite dish on a roof. Strong stuff. I actually did get that cord back, but then since it was already unraveled we ended up using it to tie shower curtains up (that we were using as visual barriers) because we ran out of shower curtain hooks! Amazing what you can do when you have a little string on you! –P.A.”

Above all, paracord bracelets made by our volunteers let our Service Members know that folks back home recognize their sacrifice and care about their well-being.

Introducing Our New, “Quick-Deploy” Paracord Bracelets

OpGrat Green BraceletIn response to urgent requests from our troops, we recently switched from the old cobra stitch bracelets to our new “quick-deploy” bracelets. Why? Because this new style of bracelet takes only 30-seconds to unravel, whereas the old style took up to five minutes — much too long to wait in an emergency! Plus, our “quick-deploy” bracelets don’t require buckles or a wooden jig to complete.

We are deeply grateful for the cobra bracelets you have already donated–and all will be used. Now we’re excited to continue working with you as we transition to our new, more practical, design!

Click here to learn how to make our new quick-deploy paracord “survival” bracelets! You will love how quick and easy they are to assemble.

Have questions about our new paracord bracelets? Check out our FAQs & Tips here.

If you have additional questions, please send an email to Info@OperationGratitude.com.

Thank you for your tireless and caring support!

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Donate Cell Phones & Smartphones to Benefit our Military in 2016

We wanted to give you all an update on this program: With the proceeds from all of the smartphones and cell phones that have been donated and recycled in the last five years, Operation Gratitude has sent 15,788 Care Packages! THANK YOU!

Operation Gratitude Blog

Is it time to upgrade your cell phone or smartphone? Want to help support the Military Community and Operation Gratitude’s Programs when you do?GRC Supports Operation Gratitude

Donate your phoneand GRC Wireless will recycle it and contribute up to $150 (or more) to Operation Gratitude for each phone!

That means one donated phone can help pay to ship 10 or more care packages!

It’s simple! Visit the GRC website for all the information and instructions. Shipping is FREE for 10 or more phones — download and use this flyer to organize a collection drive at your place of business, school, club or in your neighborhood.

IMG_0931Questions? Visit theGRC FAQ page, send an email to info@grcrecycling.com or give them a call at 877-744-3601.

Your donation will help Operation Gratitude support veterans, deployed troops, new recruits, wounded warriors and military families!

Check out other ways you can Help Make More Smiles…

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Tom Connolly’s Walk Across America

Tom Connolly Walks AmericaYou may have been following Tom Connolly, a devoted friend to Operation Gratitude who has been walking (yes, walking) across the country to raise money and awareness for our troops. For the past several years, he organized a wonderful comedy night fundraiser for us in Los Angeles, CA, but in 2015, Tom wanted to step up his game in a big way.

A really big way, actually…

That’s how Tom ConnollyTC Walks America was born!

Tom began his journey on April 25th at the Armory in Van Nuys where he officially kicked off his amazing adventure with a celebratory ribbon cutting ceremony in front of hundreds of Operation Gratitude volunteers.

He loaded up his gear and we sent him on his way…

Since that Saturday afternoon, Tom has trekked more than 2,000 miles in rain, sun, snow, sleet, and even a tornado scare! Nothing has stopped him and we are amazed by his incredible perseverance, spirit, and dedication to this cause.

GOgroove Supports Operation GratitudeWith a little over 1,000 miles to go, Tom will pass through Chicago this coming weekend. We hope all of you will cheer him on via messages on his Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram pages! Let’s show him some love!

One more thing: Tom has raised just over $16,000 toward his fundraising goal of $30,000! He asks for a penny a mile ($30) to help support his campaign which also translates to sending two care packages to our troops. You can help him reach his goal by clicking here.

Every penny helps Tom get one step closer to his goal (literally)! Thank you!

TCWalks TShirt

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GuideStar Serves U.S. Troops Through Operation Gratitude

Guidestar Serves U.S. Troops Through Operation Gratitude

GuideStar USA is the industry standard reporting service for all IRS-registered nonprofit organizations in the United States. When it came time for the company’s staff retreat this year, GuideStar wanted to make “hands-on volunteerism” a big part of it. “We help nonprofit organizations accomplish their missions through tools and data, but we wanted to take it a step further and help a cause through physical volunteer activity,” said Shane Ward, Data Architect.

Guidestar Serves U.S. Troops Through Operation Gratitude“We all have nonprofits that are dear to us,” said Ward when asked why GuideStar chose to partner with Operation Gratitude. “My issue is Veterans. I was in the Army, and I’m a member of my local American Legion post.” Ward thought it would be meaningful to send care kits full of essential items to Veterans.  When he did a Google search to find out how to accomplish that, Operation Gratitude was the first name that came up.

GuideStar gold“Operation Gratitude has a gold-level seal from GuideStar. You guys are doing everything we would ask that the nonprofit sector do in this age regarding social media, Internet reputation, a clear idea of what your programs are and what your impact is.” Ward also praised Operation Gratitude for displaying its metrics and audited financial online, which bolstered his decision to partner with this Military support group.

During their retreat, GuideStar employees made 400 paracord survival bracelets and assembled 500 care kits with supplies they ordered through Operation Gratitude. All in just a few short hours!

GuideStar surveyed its employees about what they liked most out of all the volunteer activities they performed during their two-day retreat, which featured multiple events and speakers. Overwhelmingly, the staff favored making paracord bracelets for the troops. “Personally, I enjoyed the entire process,” added Ward. “Not only was it simple to plan and coordinate, but I had a good time acting as a representative for Operation Gratitude.”

Guidestar Serves U.S. Troops Through Operation GratitudeWhat was the biggest benefit to partnering with Operation Gratitude for a team-building exercise? “Doing our part and supporting everything we represent, all uniting in a common mission,” said Ward. “We also encouraged people to tell their personal stories of their own community involvement, so people got to share.”

Operation Gratitude is honored to work with many wonderful companies and organizations throughout the United States. We were privileged to partner with GuideStar, an organization that has brought such considerable and positive change to the U.S. nonprofit sector.

Thank you, GuideStar, for your thoughtful efforts!

Interested in planning a similar event for your company and staff? We would love to work with you! Contact us at info@operationgratitude.com for more information.

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