Operation Gratitude’s Battalion Buddy Program 2018

Did you know that Operation Gratitude sends cuddly bears in care packages to our youngest Warriors — the children of deployed Military? Battalion Buddy packages come individually assembled in a box 8 1/2″ by 11″ by 5″, that closely resembles the “care packages” we send to our brave men and women serving overseas. Inside each box is the Battalion Buddy bear dressed in a “camo”-style jacket.

battbuds-patrioticTo learn more about the Battalion Buddy Program and how it got started, please go to: http://bit.ly/BattalionBuddies

Family Readiness Officers and battalion leaders wishing to **request Battalion Buddy packages should visit our website and/or send an email to Info@OperationGratitude.com for more information.

Each Battalion Buddy Care Package costs Operation Gratitude $15 to assemble and send to a Military child. Financial donations to support the Battalion Buddy Program can be made online here: Donate to Battalion Buddies or by check made payable and addressed to:

Operation Gratitude
P.O. Box 260257
Encino, CA 91426-0257

Corporate Donors should contact us at Info@OperationGratitude.com regarding sponsorship opportunities.

One-hundred percent of the proceeds generated from downloads of the song, “Carry My Hooray for Batt BudsLove,” will be donated to support the Battalion Buddy Program. Learn more here.

Want to make someone’s day? Sponsor a Battalion Buddy Package and get a little something for yourself, too! Learn more here: How to Sponsor Operation Gratitude Care Packages.

Important: For Battalion Buddy Requests — Please have your rear detachment or family readiness coordinator visit our website and/or contact us at Info@OperationGratitude.com (or if you are familiar with the family readiness coordinator, please forward them our information) so we can arrange to send Battalion Buddies to all the children of your unit. We wish we had the resources to be able to ship to individuals but it is not within our mandate and we apologize that we cannot fulfill requests on an individual basis.

We are currently looking for Sponsors to continue the program.  Please contact Info@OperationGratitude.com to learn about Sponsorship opportunities.

**Please Note: We greatly appreciate the service and sacrifice of all military families, but the specific intent of Battalion Buddy packages is to provide comfort to those children who will not see their parent for a long time and need something to hold on to. Please understand that  due to very limited resources, we must restrict this program to the children of OVERSEAS deployed/deploying Military only.


About Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude annually sends 200,000+ care packages to Veterans, First Responders, New Recruits, Wounded Heroes, their Care Givers, and to individually named U.S. service members deployed overseas and their families waiting at home. Each package is filled with food, entertainment, hygiene and hand-made items, as well as personal letters of support. Our mission is to lift the spirits and meet the evolving needs of the Military and First Responder communities, and provide volunteer opportunities for civilians anywhere in America to express their appreciation to all who serve our nation. Each package contains donated product valued between $45 and $100 and costs our organization $15 to assemble and ship. Since its inception in 2003, Operation Gratitude volunteers have shipped more than 1.6 Million Care Packages.
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15 Responses to Operation Gratitude’s Battalion Buddy Program 2018

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  6. kam says:

    Do you ever send to individual children? My husband is reserves but was picked up by another unit in a different city. I have had 0 contact thus far and have two small children at home that would love these bears.

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  11. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Mailing you a check today! 🙂

  12. Lynette says:

    Reblogged this on Momisms – Moments in Motherhood and commented:
    We are HUGE fans of teddy bears in our home. My husband has a collection of many bears he has acquired throughout his childhood and when the twins were born, they came home from the hospital to all kinds of matching furry friends. Each child chooses the “it” toy, the one key toy or blanket that will travel with them everywhere. I had my rag doll, made by my grandmother, Jenny, who went everywhere – college, Europe, and still sits in my room. My husband has Ba-Bear, and my boys have Baby Bear, Koala and Pooh. Baby Bear and Koala joined the family while my husband was on an 18month deployment. We had daddy record his voice in a voicebox, so when the boys gave the bears a hug, the bear said “Daddy loves you”. I think this is one of the reasons these two bears have become the “it” toy.
    Donating $15 can give another child something huggable while their parent is away, for months at a time, on deployment. I can’t think of ANYTHING better!

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