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2017 Halloween Candy for Heroes!

Find a participating 2017 Halloween Candy GIVE-Back location near you!
(Important: Please call ahead to verify the event date/time/deadline before dropping off candy.)

It’s time to start planning your Halloween Candy GIVE-Back Collection!

We are excited to work with you again this year to collect and donate sweet treats for our Deployed Troops and First Responders. Did you know that last year we received and distributed a record-setting 533,891 pounds of candy? Together, let’s break that record again this year!

When you’re ready to send your candy, click here to complete your Donor Form to include with your packages and receive our shipping address.

If you represent a school, club, company, dentist or group that would like to host a candy collection drive, here’s the link to register for more information: 2017 Halloween Candy GIVE-Back

In the next few weeks, registered Operation Gratitude Candy Collectors will receive Halloween Candy GIVE-Back promotional materials, helpful instructions, a customizable press release, and shipping information.

In the meantime, if you have additional questions regarding your Halloween Candy event, please send an email to kelly@operationgratitude.com.

Want to donate candy? Use your zip code to search for a participating drop-off site near you!

Looking for additional ways to support the troops? Check out our “Wish List” and consider making donations of:

We hope you will “like” the
Halloween Candy Give-Back page and the Operation Gratitude Facebook page if you haven’t already! Look for news, updates, helpful tips and other information there — checking those pages will be a good way to stay up on what’s happening. If you post photos or videos related to donating or collecting candy for Operation Gratitude, please use the hashtag #OperationGratitude so we can find them!

Send us an email: Kelly@OperationGratitude.com

Thank you for your support!

P.S. Did you catch the shout out to Operation Gratitude on Jimmy Kimmel Live?

This year, there were TWO!

Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel!